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Workshop Tuscia-HSE

Luogo: Santa Maria in Gradi – University of Tuscia

Data di inizio: 21 giugno 2018

Data di fine: 21 giugno 2018

Topics covered:

  • Characterization, control and numerical simulation of renewable energy conversion processes.
    Discussed by Andrea Mennuni – View article;
  • Uncertainty of network structure identification in random variable networks;
  • Design of high flux expansion experiment in the JET tokamak via optimization of the divertor coils current;
  • The Vehicle Routing Problem with applications to the logistic of good transportation;
  • Some applications of wavelets and fractional operators;
  • Linguistic-based decisions in complex situations;
  • Developing integrated non invasive techniques for painting diagnostics;
  • A projection-based approach for ontology-based development and evolution of Domain Specific Language;
  • Structural health monitoring by distributed FBG strain measurements;
  • Application of spectroscopic techniques coupled with chemometrics to investigate the composition and the surface modifications in materials;
  • Design for environment and circular economy;
  • Motion analysis by means of wearable sensors;
  • Numerical modeling of complex energy systems for smart energy management;
  • Systems for e-learning (web e-learning platforms), learning analytics and educational data mining.