Anaerobic Digestion Modelling

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Discussed at: International Conference on Applied Physics, Power and Material Science

Date: 5-6 December 2018

Location: Swami Vivekananda Institue of Technology, Patny Centre, Secunderabad,  India

Schema d'impianto del reattore di biometanizzazione

Nowadays energy world awareness has been influenced by new targets, to reach the environmental pollution reduction and a renewable waste management. Anaerobic digestion represents an alternative way to product methane, without using of fossil sources, in accordance with the newest WtE (Waste to Energy) applications. The aim of this work was to define a specific model for the simulation of a poultry manure anaerobic digestion process, to identify some inhibition factors and minimize them. In fact, for a specific biomass model simulation, it is necessary to adapt the ADM1 model setting up some of its rate governing equations. First, the biomass has been experimentally characterized, then the ADM1 has been studied and adapted to implement the poultry manure organic degradation scenario. Determination of kinetic parameters has been conducted by using bibliographic sources. Then, the model has been implemented and computed through an open-source simulation software, that is AQUASIM. The simulation led to consistent numerical results, confirmed both by the published scientific articles and the conducted experimental campaigns.