Circular & Green Economy

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Economia circolare

Discussed at: TMREES Conference Series: Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability (

Date: 10-12 April 2019


Published on American Institute of Physics (AIP Publishing) and Energy Reports Journal (Elsevier).

The APEA (Italian acronym which describes and ecologically equipped production area) is the result of an environmental policy aimed to combine economic growth and environmental protection. APEA is usually applied to industrial, artisanal, commercial, agricultural and tourist districts in order to solve companies’ requirements using closed loop product life cycles and green economy solutions. In this case, some industries of the “Zona Industriale Prataroni”, a ceramic industrial district located in Civita Castellana, joint the APEA ZICC (Zona Industriale Civita Castellana) to realise a circular economy created by an industrial symbiosis, by means of both circular and green economy-based applications. Involved companies made available to the partnership their wastes, plants and knowhow, to produce water for ceramics manufacturing and thermic and electric energy for self-consume. Industries involved in this strategic partnership, aimed to preserve environment characteristics and equilibrium, are in different businesses, such as ceramics, carpentry, ecological services and engineering services. This makes possible a transversal approach to the APEA requirements and goals. The aims of the whole system could be reached building proper plants to exploit companies’ resources and providing APEA aims and results, attracting external investors and industries to join and extend to other industrial scenarios this kind of partnership.